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Welcome to Empower Aotearoa

Empower Aotearoa is here to offer you or someone you support a range of creative wellbeing services across Canterbury or online.

Exploring your creativity is a powerful path toward improving your well-being. 

  • Group, individual, online, and mobile. We can come to you or you can join us, in-person or online.

  • Visual arts, dance, movement, nature-based arts, creative writing & poetry, mural making, and more.

  • Mindfulness, social, planning, self-confidence, sensory, self-care, team building, and community connection focused activities. This list is not exhaustive!

We cater to everyone. You do not have to be a 'creative person' to take part. All abilities, all ages, neurotypical and neurodivergent.


What we do

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Empower Therapeutic Movement: Dance for Plants

The wellbeing of the body and the mind are connected, just as the wellbeing of humans and nature are connected. Expressive movement is great for connecting to your mind, body, and the world around you. 

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Empower Community Connection: Mural Making

โ€œA tree can be only as strong as the forest that surrounds it.โ€ โ€• Peter Wohlleben. Creating as a group is a powerful way to appreciate each others ideas, skills and perspectives. The process fosters empathy, understanding, and cooperation. Ultimately it builds stronger connections and an expanded sense of community. By the end of the process you will have collectively created an incredible mural which you can be proud of, individually and collectively.

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Empower Social: Create & Collaborate

Empower Social opens opportunities to create, socialise, and collaborate. Creative collaboration manifests diverse perspectives, stimulates reciprocated inspiration, and strengthens connections.  

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Empower Well-being:  The Art of Self-care

We all know self-care is important, but it is often difficult to prioritise with the busyness of life. Self-care is not selfishโ€”it is a crucial investment in one's overall well-being and happiness. Whether you want to reflect on practical steps you can take to improve everyday living, de-stress, strengthen your self-esteem, or explore your identity, it is important to take some time out to nurture yourself and your well-being.

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Empower Me: Tailored one-on-one sessions

Empower Me is a great option for those who prefer to explore their creativity outside of a group setting. All sessions are specifically designed with the participant's goals, needs, and creative preferences. Empower Me sessions can be wherever is most comfortable, whether that is at home, on the beach, in a room at a local library, or online. Removing any barriers, and providing a safe and fun environment is at the forefront, and, with our mobile creative studio, the options are virtually limitless!